What do we teach?

We introduce your kids to the future, which is automation and robot economy, and make sure that they are aware of the changes that are going to come and take that into consideration when making their career and business choices.
Specifically, we teach the following aspects to the students :


Intro to the world of automation and logic using Arduino and related hardware

Logical Workflows

Students learn to create logical workflows and instruct the machines to follow them

Hands On

Students learn and work on the equipment on their own.

Learning by 

We Strongly believe in learning by doing approach and make sure that our students understand the concept and are not just doing the rote learning.

Program timeline

Next Batch starting 18th May
What can you expect?

If Interested, Please submit your details and we will reach back to you!

Quality of teaching is of paramount importance 

Practical tangible output
in every class

Highly interactive sessions 

Individual attention
for every child

20 classes/course
2 hr/class

If you are skeptical about the future of robot economy, watch the video

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