In this continuously changing world, we make you future ready

Software and Robotics educational classes for kids, Managed by IITians

We are now running our classes in Sec 62, Noida.
Next batch of Robotics starting from 18th May 2019

Who we are and What do we do?

 LogicPanda is an EdTech institution with a mission to instill logical and creative thinking in children to enable them to embrace modern technologies with ease and assist them to become creators of tomorrow.
Our vision is to foster and encourage critical thinking in every child and make them future ready for a digital world.
Hands-on experiments and coding at an early age give a logical bend to young minds and enable them to think in various dimensions.

Courses offered

  • Introduction to the world of automation using Arduino and related hardware.

  • Creating logical workflows.

  • Hands on experience sessions.

  • Learning by doing approach.
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Creative Computing

  • Introduction to game making and web development using scratch, HTML, CSS

  • Developing computational thinking and encouraging creativity

  • Creating logical work-flows

  • Practical tangible output of each concept
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